Worst Way to Start Investing In Real Estate

We always talk about the best ways to invest in real estate and having been in the real estate world in years, Steven and I have had our fair share of horror …




  1. Anyone that has done any real estate has had a bad experience. Hopefully its not too painful, you can move past it and learn from it. Study study study.

  2. Hey Kris. I am 18 years old and I would like to get started in real estate but I have one question as to the approach I would like to take. How can I get into contact with you properly?

  3. Thank you @KrisKrohn I just bought my first property, $380k (30k in equity) for a 8 bed 5 bath and leasing out the rooms to the private college 2 streets away for $1k a month per room. Mortgage with utilities is $3200 and I’m bringing in $7500 / month. Negotiated to get the seller to pay my closing cost and I put 15% down. Couldn’t have done it without the knowledge from your courses and videos.

  4. you guys are saying a whole lot of nothing. Basically people the worst real estate investment you can make, is buying and not understanding your market and not doing your research.

  5. I want to save up to buy a house and sell it (my first time) what should I buy? What type of property?

  6. You really need the right contractors, ones who have experience with city hall because city hall can be tough. We were held up for over a year getting a fire escape rebuild done.

  7. How it's goin to work with repairs when you can do it on your own? I have lot of knowledge and skill in all aspects that one house needs! Being over 15 years doing Heating , plumbing, electricity… all of the constructional works. I rly think that i am capable of nailing real estate and the desire to start is really burning in my belly. I somehow know that i can do it, and be sure that im gonna look at all of your videos, even if i need to watch it 10 times over and over again.

  8. … I was going to put $20,000 on a 100,000 house with a 30 year mortgage with 4.5% interest and I was going to be a landlord … But if this is a bad idea what am I supposed to do

  9. How did this guy get over 300K subs? He talks in circles!! Don't flip! but flip just find someone with experience. don't buy a property for equity but we will help you buy for equity but "FAST" hahaha I'm done…

  10. I've noticed that with all of these guys on youtube talking about real estate, they claim "oh it's so difficult" yet then at the end, they promote their service that is supposed to eliminate all of the headaches. Sounds like snake oil to me.

  11. So I have a question; if i’m getting a mortgage and renting the rooms out to cover the cost of the payment and potential extra income, am I getting a 30 year mortgage, 15 year mortgage or a 5/1am?

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