Why you SHOULDN’T invest in Real Estate…

Real Estate Investing isn’t for everyone, and it’s important that we all take a realistic look at not only what makes it a good investment, but also why some people …


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  1. I love it when people say, "I'm just waiting for the market to tank so I can load up." The reason the market tanks is because nobody wants to buy and everybody wants to sell. And, guess what, you'll be in the latter group, too, because it will be SO OBVIOUS that the only direction from now until the end of time is DOWN.

    I did buy in 2010 and I know exactly how hard it is to "buy at the bottom.". I still own the property and have made a nice profit on paper. Everybody thought I was crazy for buying at the time, including the seller who thought he was dumping a turkey on me and basically taking advantage of me. It made NO SENSE to buy then and EVERYBODY knew it. The media was full of stories about how homes were a lousy investment, they cost you a ton, you can't sell them, times have changed, the milllenials don't want to own homes becuase they just want to play Call of Duty, blah blah blah. And you think you will be different, you will have that iron confidence when it makes you look the fool to buy and you're just throwing your money away because the market obviously has another 50% left to fall and renting makes so much sense? Sure, and you'll only buy stocks at the bottom, too. I know, I hear it all the time. Funny how you never hear stories about people buying at the top – when everyone, in fact, is buying, because that's what makes a top..

  2. Regarding it being easy, I feel like people think that about being a real estate agent. They think agents make so much money and it's something you can do in your spare time. When it's actually way more work than the typical office job.

  3. I know someone who buys the land,Builds the homes and sells them BUT I never understood why he doesn’t choose to simply flip a fixer upper ? Perhaps because of the property value to sell ratio?

  4. To make money in real estate, it's like you said.
    ( You have to be in it for long term )
    In order to make money in the stock market, you should think long term.
    Real Estate is no different.
    I have made over $250,000 investing in Real Estate. It has taken 23 years to do this. 😀

  5. I live in vegas, the property out here is booming, gonna sell right when this raiders stadium is built, gonna wait for the crash and buy cheap muhahahah

  6. Then you forgot to mention the disaster of having bad tenants damaging your property. In my area I realized that detached houses make horrible investments. Tenants sign a lease for 4 people living there (husband/wife and 2 kids) but when they leave you realize that 10 people were actually living there causing the damage. I found that townhomes make the best rentals because tenants do not want to maintain a yard. I got more money renting a townhouse I bought in 2012 than a larger detached house.

  7. Why you shouldn't invest in real estate? If you are just starting out and we are at the very top of a huge bubble……….such as RIGHT NOW!!!

  8. That's some real talk. I can't stand the "rah rah rah you're gonna have money falling out your ears" type guys. I could care less about real estate but it just so happens to be I was raised in that environment. Anywho, your videos make it almost sound interesting and contain nuggets of wisdom I can use, thanks!

  9. Hey Graham, would you consider a Dave Ramsey video? Maybe how he lost his money in his 20s? From what I’ve heard, he was a real estate investor when his bank was bought out and reclaimed their loans. Could you maybe explain this? Thanks man love the videos 🙏🏻

  10. You shouldn't invest in any California residential properties period. If you want to invest your money and have a rental portfolio in California, you're throwing money away. Cap rates are awful there. Florida real estate should be your first option. All the big boys invest in FL, GA, TN, TX, AZ.

  11. great video…
    but I've gotta say that I have 4 units and NEVER have I had a problem with the unit in the first month of someone's tenancy.
    …because I make sure the unit is good before turning it over.

  12. This is freaking GOLD!!!! Thank you, Graham! This is 100% value. I want to purchase a home to rent out but I don't want to deal with problems. I considered purchasing a rental about a year ago – instead I challenged myself to work harder on my channel to make that money that I'd be receiving from a rental. It worked! Thanks for doing this, dude!

  13. These 20 something year olds…little experience…make a bit of money..buy a some properties…and now dishing advice. Go through a recession and talk after…these click bait videos have to end tho.

  14. Graham!! When you going to do a real estate investing course?! Checked out and loved your previews on your teachable course it looks awesome but i don't want to be an agent just an investor! In the meantime I'm going to take Kevins, love you both, I will 100% take yours also if you ever release one!

  15. Negative . … good, I'd rather know about the problems

    My trouble is I'm coming at it from the hammer and nails side instead of the pencil, golf club, and bullshi+ with folks side.

  16. Silliness! Do your homework and you won't have regrets. Maybe a better deal comes along a week later… oh well. You still bought a good deal because you did your homework. You will make mistakes. Everyone does. But you learn from them and move on and YOU DO YOU'RE FUCKING HOMEWORK. Only the lazy and stupid go broke.

  17. how many rentals do you have, if you don't mind me asking or ball park like under 20? Thanks for the reminder that it's always rough up front and then you can let go some. I just looked at a rental I have and saw all the work it really needs and thought about selling it just to avoid the hassle haha

  18. Part of the reason you did well in real estate is because you started post crash not pre crash. You’d be singing a different tune if you started buying in 04.

  19. Can turn them down and make another bigger make a video of this topic. Sometimes I see on trulia and zillow 2 properties next to each other and I'm imagining buying both and turn them down both and make a super house and then sell it.Can you tell me if is worth it do that, how much do you think will cost? Buy 2 houses turm them down and make a big one or is better have 2 properties instead of 1.

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