The ULTIMATE Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Real Estate Step-By-Step

Here’s a Real Estate beginner tutorial where I can really cover the blueprints and outline the basics of what’s needed in order to prepare for, and actually invest …




  1. If you work 9-5 and then buy 1 house, what would be a suggestion to buy the 2nd house quickly? Are you just going back to saving again??

  2. investing in real estate for the long haul You need to be able to stick it out You going to have watch your expenses Credit scores are very important RRMRCAPITALS>COM

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  4. Graham I have a question: I'm looking to buy 2 units with livable basement. I plan to live in the basement and rent both 2 units. Can I get full depreciation? Do I have to report both 2 units rental income or do I report 1 unit income? If I report 1 unit, can I get full deductions for both units or just 1?

  5. Graham, thanks so much for these videos. It really helps as I'm searching for my first house, and I live in Los Angeles so your stories are even more applicable. I just got pre-approved for up to 600k with a VA loan from USAA. 600k doesn't seem to buy a whole lot except in less desirable neighborhoods, which is fine because I'm looking for a good investment opportunity in an area that is poised to go up in price as you've said. Something I could live in and fix up over a couple years. Probably going to rent a couple rooms out to help pay the bills. Any suggestions for where and what to buy? I've got South LA, Hawthorne, and Inglewood in my sights. Any thoughts are much appreciated. Thanks again for the great informative videos!

  6. It's so easy to make money in america – In the U.K. you can't get a buy-to-let mortgage as your first home, and even if you could, the deposit is around 70-80% of the home's value. This is to reduce house prices rising artificially from landlords buying up all the property, and also to help first-time buyers get into the housing market. America seems to have no measures against things like this. Great stuff if you're an entrepreneur! Of course, it causes huge bubbles and destroys the world's economy every few years, but hey lol

  7. @grahamstephan How did you become a millionaire, did you buy houses on loan and rent them out. All the while making payments? Not trying to be a dick, just curious on how you make it work, just got into your channel because of your Dave Ramsey video 🙂

  8. Great video! New to this channel and love it! I need your advice. I just opened a real estate company (no revenue yet) I wanted to get a business line of credit through my business to add a room to my house to Airbnb it and manage it through my real estate company. Any credit cards you would recommend me? Thanks!

  9. There was a Seller financed no money down, Retail shop below/apartment above. Already had tenants, pretty much paid everything but $50 each month. I wanted to get it, but chickened out cuz of the unknown..

  10. Hello, I'm a 17 years old guy who would like to buy and sell/rent in a future(almost) but I have a problem I have no knowledge about anything that has to be about buying houses I would really like to learn everything from basic to advanced about buying a house :'( :'( :'(
    I hope someone with a nice character and much knowledge about what I am talking about answer me!! :')

  11. I have a question please – how do you even make a profit if let's say, you buy a 3 bedroom apartment on credit and then rent it out? Hypothetically, if I buy it in a good area I can probably charge around 200-250 euros per room/month, have 3 people move in, and my total income would be 600/month as a minimum. I then have to pay the bank back, say around 300eur, then pay my rent since I also have to live somewhere, then hire a property management company to look after the apartment I just rented (i guess you could skip this part if you only have 1 property), then also pay tax – sounds like I'll be on a negative stream unless I buy more properties.

  12. Ive been investing for about 3 years and i find that avoiding expensive houses (rental properties) has worked best for us that way we own the houses immediately so we get instant full income from the properties

  13. Gday

    Not sure about USA
    but in Australia a typical home is 300-355k
    and you need to live in it for 6 months before it becomes ANOTHER

    1 story
    3 bedroom
    1 car park
    1 bin
    home for rent

    Not everyone can afford paying off 300-400 per week for the rental
    AND 300-400 of your normal place

  14. Hi, I've been looking for a good video for a long time, but I do not realize that the profit of this investment when it is at best time just $ 300-400 a month. can you please tell me about that?thanks

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