The HIDDEN COST of buying Real Estate…

Here’s a topic that very, very few people mention when they make videos on buying or investing in Real Estate…these are the hidden costs associated with …




  1. This is why I need to hit the Lotto lol… I’m still saving though. Only if I had this knowledge when I was 18, 28 now so I still got a little time.

  2. Graham,

    Thanks for your insight. I just received 11k in price reduction that I asked to put towards my closing cost. Thanks for the tip!

  3. SO INFORMATIVE! BUT PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO ON HOW REALLY REALTORS WORK WITH EACH OTHER!! To lower your home sale, How they detour buyers Not to buy your home! How they work against you as a seller!! Clear this out. How their Investors Homes Sales Priority to regular Home sellers! Let me know if you have any information on This!!! Thank You!

  4. I've purchased a couple properties, both as primary residences and investments. The fees Graham mentions are definitely applicable, but in other parts of the country, outside of California, they're much cheaper. $2000 for an appraisal? Goodness. The most I've ever paid was $500, and that was for a duplex. Keep in mind these numbers relate to the LA Real Estate market. Other places will be significantly less.

  5. Could you make a video on Real Estate Referrals, how you could transition to make it a business from normal agents, difference from finder fees, and who pays who in all real estate transactions, like a flowchart?

  6. Super helpful & informative! Depending how the market goes, as of right now I’m saving to buy a condo (discount price), live in it for 2-3 years and then rent it out. From there I might go to SFR or Multi Fam depending on how things are looking. Only 20 years old as of right now, any tips on condos? I figured it would be a good start for my portfolio & to get the experience of “rentals”. Much appreciated! 💪🏼

  7. Hey Graham, when you shop your loan around for the best offer, does that entail these mortgage lenders running your credit each time? If so, does that credit check negatively impact your credit score?

  8. Why don't you just get everything out of the purchase price? It'll decrease your property tax which over a long period of time is more than the one cost.

  9. Hey just curious but why would you want a seller to cover your closing costs? I know you mentioned that you asked them to reduce the purchase price in the end, but dont they typically hike up the price of the house the same amount as you are asking for them to pay upfront for your closing? And yeah it would be nice to put 0 down at closing, but you would be paying interest over 30 years on the higher purchase price??

  10. Im going to be buying my first house next year. Im am looking in the 150k range. Small ranch 3 beds kinda thing. Its very overwhelming and im hesitant to negotiate anything because i dont kniw the ins and outs of the deal. This helped. Thanks.

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