The best way to seal a flat roof permanent ,stop leaks, fix, repair , any flat roof.

Here is a video on how to seal a flat roof permanent ,it does not required a lot of skills just time to let it dry completely ,hope it becomes handy if you need a …
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  1. General Motors in Saginaw Michigan specified a 4 ply type 4 asphalt roof system with no top coat of hot asphalt and gravel ,we applied 1,700 square of 4 ply and coated the completed roof surface with 2 coats of organic emulsion and 1 ply of fiberglass mesh like your using ,we had to wait 30 days before coming back to top coat the cured emulsion with a silicone based White top coating ,we finished that roof in 1986 and it was on Saginaw steering gear ,I went back to Saginaw steering gear in 2012 to do a little 500 square 3 day job on an outbuilding , while my crew was tearing off I climbed the main roof and looked at the emulsion roof I installed 25 years earlier to take pictures for the maintaince dept, the roof was still in extremely good shape ,GM had my company resurface the White top coat every 10 years on their roof maintenance program ,emulsion and fabric make an excellent roof surface ,you can use emulsion on a wet surface because the emulsifiers are natural clay based and not man made petroleum based ,a slightly wet surface creates a better bond than a perfectly dry surface .

  2. Grasias amigo me has ayudado bastante Great video!
    Puedes mandarme el nombre comercial de los materiales que usas i puedes comprarlos en Home Depot or any other supplier ?

  3. muy buen video, GRACIAS. pregunta?. Primero limpio, luego primer, después emulsion, pongo el fabric y luego emulsion y dejo secar más o menos 12h, la pregunta es, regreso y paso otra de emulsión o el White coating protector?, una vez más gracias

  4. You guys need to use more safety measures just because most workers are illegal don't mean to endanger there lives from experience you need more rope safety and proper grappling to roofs

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