Slate Roof Repair – How to replace a slate & broken slates

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  1. Excellent series of videos, well made and highly informative. Thank you very much for taking the time to make them and put them live.

  2. true. I'm used to working on new roofs and I suppose I use them techniques on old repairs. I'm not going to say I've never used lead clip as I personally think it's acceptable I hate those guys who pull out mastic guns to hold them in. like I said love the video really we explained to those who haven't the money and are willing to do themselves! I look at other trades videos alot for projects of my own. nice job mate

  3. nhbc standards now ask that you use proper slate hook instead of lead clips as the hot cold weather will make the lead clip drop back flat then there will be nothing holding the slate in otherwise brilliant video for those who need a repair and cannot afford to pay professionals to do job. good job mate!!

  4. Thats a great video, you obviously know what you're doing and I'm so grateful you are sharing your trade knowledge. The photo shop aspects are a great addition too. Im in Scotland where we get a bit of rain and wind occasionally, my roof is covered in sarking and the slates are fixed on top of this (presumably on battens?) the slates are quite thick and rough looking, someone told me they may be Ballachulish slate, its been up there since 1930, one roofer told me tears ago that the slate goes porous after a while, I think he was at it, but maybe you can shed some light on that? I assumed that the concrete tiles go porous but slate doesnt?

  5. Great video thanks. If you were to say repair half section of roof, would you do this kind of connection with the last tiles across that section of roof? Say 10 tiles across? Or how would you do it?

  6. that was really helpful. Heading to the roof store now and wanted some inkling of what I was looking for in tools, techniques, and use… thanks for sharing the knowledge.. this will be my first attempt with tiles after a recent storm dropped a branch and broke a handful of them

  7. Great vid, especially with the photo shop ideas,can now repair the odd slate, if i can find the guts to get back on a ladder……

  8. Great information very well explained,I'm about to attempt to fit a velox window, I guess I could use this repair method to open up the opening needed in my slate roof? other wise I will have to take the lot off.Thanks for your help.

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