RV Roof Repair

Repairing major water damage on an RV roof. In this case the EPDM rubber was still in decent shape; it was simply a caulk failure at a seam which caused a …
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  1. I used this exact same contact cement on my rubber roof and it caused it to bubble in several spots. It seems to me, that this means that it creates too much heat. It isn't wrinkles otherwise, I wouldn't be having these problems. Do not use this stuff on EPDM because it will damage it. I'm super pissed that I listened to someone on a youtube video about how to fix the roof on my camper.

  2. Can a TPO RV roof be pulled back like a rubber roof. My plywood on the front part of my fifth wheel is gone. Didn't know about the leak until it's was to late.

  3. maybe better some plywood wether paint ant then rubber menbrane or rolle of waterproof membrane. treated wood has acq depending on construction time. sow it will roten al kind of metals and has toxic chimicals….

  4. I need to do the same thing to my roof antenna leaked and osb is soft any suggestions on loosen up the awning enough to pull back the roof without removing the awning?

  5. Thank you for sharing your experience. The back of my camper had a water leak and the roof is soft in an area of a 1 sqr feet. This video inspires me and gives me hope!

  6. You should never use contact cement with EPDM roofing. The proper stuff is a water based adhesive. The contact cement will dry out the rubber, and put it down forever even if it's wrong.

  7. I've just recently bought a Fleetwood Wildnerness 24c camper. I'm new to the whole thing. It's got some pretty major rot and roof damage. It was cheap and we're to be homeless soon. I've done a lot of research on RV roofs and the leaking issue seems to be the biggest. Yet people continue to use rubber roof and sealants that don't seem to hold up for much more than a year. Isn't there some other materials that can be used that are more reliable and last longer? And if roof vents are so prone to be the major source of leaking, why even have them? I'm considering just taking mine out completely.

  8. I just discovered same wood damage at the front of my camper. It's all winter here in BC, Canada . I guess I should wait till it's warmer before I start the project for the tape and adhesive to bond?

  9. perfect timing,just replaced roof w/masonite hard wood ,was stumped on under or over w/rubber,looks like u went under,i'll give it a try.also adding insulation (foam board type ) to ceiling

  10. Great video! Do you think that I can do similar on a patch I have a section of wood about 10"x12" in front of my refrigerator vent and on the edge any chance of a patch? To repair before I coat the roof thanks

  11. HI, thank you for the how to. Our Puma is going to have the same issue right at that seam where the rubber roof meets the metal that comes up the front. Did you tuck the rubber roof up under the metal or just use the seal tape? Thanks again!

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