ROOFING COMPANIES HATE ME FOR SHOWING YOU THIS… do your own repairs …watch this video

In this video I show you how I repair leaks on hot mop roof (cap sheet ) and guide you thru the steps on how to do it.. watch it and hopefully you like it . Subscribe …
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  1. HomeDepot usually has cheap chinese stuff that dont last,try to buy MADE IN USA or not made in China if not Made in Mexico,Brasil,etc… Avoid chinese crap unless you want to buy again ,and again,… the same chinese crap.

  2. i watch your vids and i disagree with the experience comment you made you can have 3 years experience and still have better work then someone that has 12 but nice vids keep up the good work.

  3. Looks like a great repair!
    lol, 😂about the comment about hiring only older journeyman, very true.
    but I've seen many journeyman in all trades who take advantage of the customers. 👍😎

  4. Friend Eric,
    Good Heavens man, so well done, I actually learned how to fix my own roof with assurance. Thanks muchly sir.
    pierre from New Mexico

  5. These are only temporary repairs because roof cement is not UV stable. These are not appropriate roof repairs. Please follow manufacturer's or NRCA recommendations.

  6. thank God for guys like you, keeps real roofers making money forever. Asphalt primer not neesed for cold process. Nice job cleaning and scraping though. I call this work type of work done by a Shoemaker not a roofer.

  7. You should or but at least a marshal town trawl don't be so cheap and that roof has to be at least 20 years old is time to replace it not repair it you just asking for a lawsuit

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  9. So Eric as a professional roofer with12 years of exp the roof repair you just did will last for 10 years YOU ARE SO FULL OF SHIT its obvious your not a Professional roofer any one working in the roofing industry would know thats not a Professional low slope roof patch anybody with common sense can walk into home depo talk with one thos pot head teenager an figure out how to do same roof repair you just did with 12 years exp That What He Calls a Professional Patch It's obvious you know the roofing industry This Guy Is so full Of Shit do you have a state roofing Lic Its prety clear in the video that saying your a roofing contractor doing roofing repairs in the state of california I will send them a copy the. video

  10. 20 years and would not do that. that's wat we would call a bodge. should pe cleaned primed and a new patch of top sheet over the entire drain area. job repaired properly. ;-). and when I had only 8 years under belt. would have done it no different. so 8y ain't to sniff at. and thanks for the lesson. will use this when wanting to put a quick 3_4 hundred bucks in me skyrocket ;-).

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