Rain water leaked into my attic around a badly sealed dryer vent in my roof . The roof decking was rotted and the drywall below was damaged. This video details …
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  1. great vid. i appreciate the info. ur shingles look a bit cupped. they are supposed to sit down flush and seal on the tar line of the shingle just below it. i would say u need all new shingles.

  2. sufficient to fix the problem … next time sister in another 2 x 4 on the other side to ensure support since the wood was cut past the rafter and remove all the old insulation in the area to prevent mold growth … but very good job for an amateur roofer.

  3. Good video, I've got the same problem around my power pipe to the house. June in Fla . is a tough job too, this is going to take a few days with this friggen heat. I was 15yrs younger last time I did any roofing, didn't seem that hard back then with the heat. I'm having a hell of a time prying the old shingles up, their stuck down like a sob. lol

  4. that fiber board doesnt appear that it would hold anybody's weight if they were to step on that particular spot ! your rafters seem like they are 2 feet apart , is that code ? I thought rafter were supposed to be no more than 16 inches apart , I know the patch is held up by the 2 by 4 that you sistered on both opposite sides , but what about the other 2 sides of that patch !? somebody could seriously injure themselves if they stepped in that spot and fell through , that stuff is nowhere near as strong as 3/4 inch plywood . I use 3/4 inch severe weather plywood on all of my roofs. no exceptions , even the sheds and garage .

  5. It would seem that the bit decking you removed on the edge of your big hole (bottom of the video frame) was not supported by anything. Did you sister on something under that and not show us?

  6. Dide if I we'r you I old have ripped out all that rotten wood. I would have nervier put the insulation back over the dry wall that had gotten wet. I would have removed the wet drywalI while I was on the roof went I to the closet cut the water damaged wall out and replace item than put new insulation to replace the insulation that had gotten wet. You would would have had much less of a mess with all that wet dry wall falling in your head when you cut the water damaged dry wall out

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