Roof Repair- Termite and Dry Rot Damage

Removing termite damaged rafters and starter boards. I replace the damaged wood and prep for the new roof installation.
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  1. Mike, great video! I'm just getting going replacing fascia boards etc due to termite & dry rot damage on my house. Question… Before I replace the wood, I paint the heck out of all new lumber before installation. Is that over kill? Many thanks…

  2. Thanks for the great video. You explained things so that a non-carpenter could understand. I just had a termite inspection (have subs and dry wood issues) and was told that several rafter tails have dry rot by the gutters, and was wondering how they would repair them. I also have to replace my 24 year old cedar shake roof, so, after watching your great video, I figure that I'll have the roof done first and have them fix the rafter issues when they put on the new roof. Thanks to you, I now have a good idea of the process and will understand what has to be done…the RIGHT way! Bravo!

  3. Need help. Your video was great. I have a freestanding second story balcony that's attached to the house (no posts). Termites and wood rot have set in for a while now. The joist that makeup this balcony extend through the outside house through the stucco about four feet making up the balcony. Our balcony is about 16' in length and about 4' wide with 9 or 10 stairs on two wooden stringers. At a loss for how to repair properly without having to put in any posts on the existing balcony by our swimming pool.  Any thoughts?………..(must be California code compliant)

  4. Great vid. I enjoyed watching it very much. Nice to see how things are done. Liked the extra on how lesser "non craftsmen" do sloppy work and leave trash behind. Good to expose those guys. Thanks again for a great vid.

  5. you could have just sistered taht rotted rafter, then put an ornate ceiling made of narrow planks over all those rafters, to conceal it, then put a new roof on. the roof planks were in good condition. that's a lot of extra work for ONE rafter ?

  6. I want one of those fien tools. You make it look easy. I'm an electrician. Thanks for the video. To anyone that reads comments. Take pride in your work no matter what it is.

  7. I love my oscillating saw. I have a cheap one from harbor freight. One thing they are exceptional at is removing old caulking. With a dull cutting blade you can remove hard baked on caulking easily.

  8. we are repairing ours as well is there some kind of sealant so the wood will not be so damaged or prevent dry rot or something to protect from weather?

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