Roof Repair at Kingsport Lighthouse: Fallout 4 Tips and Tricks

Here is the best way that I’ve found to repair the roof at the Kingsport Lighthouse. If you like my tips and tricks videos, my let’s build series, my builder showcases, …
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  1. You can put in a higher ceiling if you use a barn wall instead of the shack wall. Put a barn wall on a small floor tile, add 3 large wooden floors (length) and a row of small floor tiles along 1 side. Fits perfect. I did that yesterday. I'm on XBox.
    Like the video.

  2. cheers for this hun 😊 guess where my mercer safe house is! just and fyi two single barn floor pieces fit great in the fan space (since we have barns now😊)

  3. You can do the same thing to fill the gap over the fan without using the upper floor. Take two small floors, put them in a line, take a mat and put it in front of the line to make a straight "three" length line with the mat in the front, and use the glitch that way. Just have to get up on top of the floors to place the last small floor right over the gap. I hope I explained that well. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, didn't like the upper floor under the others, so I had to find a work around.

  4. Thanks for this video – I've been trying to figure out how to repair that house and make it my home base, and couldn't get anything to work, mat trick or no. You're a genius for getting to the bottom of that. For the heavily damaged area, I just installed a door to block it off and might build an add-on to make it a balcony like you say.

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