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  1. I can't even watch that disorganized mess. What a joke. Guys walking around and working at half speed like that wouldn't last an hour on one of our sites. No safety gear. Wrong tools for the job. Disaster. And how much are these poor saps being paid a day?
    Next to nothing that's how much.

  2. I'm not sure how you apply the seam tape, but if it's cool outside, I'll peel the paper behind the roll and nail it to the deck so the seam tape will peel as you roll it. Be careful, though. If it's too hot, you might end up with a mess if you don't keep the roll straight.

  3. I tip my hat to all contractors and laborers. I'm an occasional DIYer, but this looks very overwhelming. 😯 They make it look very easy.

  4. Question, does the insurance pay for the removal of the gutters? I know in NC they pay for gutter guards. Let me know, intrested in why you take that extra long step.

  5. What is the factory name of the 6" tape you are using on the seams? Is it smooth on the top surface and is it high temp rated for use under metal roof panels?

  6. What is the name/brand of the product used to tape the seams?

    This is the only video I have seen where the decking seams are taped. I really like the look of that — its almost like the waterproofing you'd do on a shower. Someone else mentioned heavier felt is all that's required, but it appears to me that this joint tape is exactly what you want. Note: I am not a roofer, just a guy learning from videos.

  7. please come and help me my roof needs to be fixed please come out and fix on my roof in Miami Florida it really needs some work done to it so please contact me back thank you they have a blessed day

  8. This is a good job. I would mention a caution because OSHA requires safety netting or harneses to protect from fall. Anything higher then 6 feet off ground. I know most people do not use especially on low slope roof. Unfortunetly OSHA can reap a big fine for this.
    The taping of the plywood is required by building code when going back with 15 pound felt. You can eliminate the plywood taping if you use 30 pound felt or a approved synthetic underlayment. Again this is good job though.

  9. Allied did a top notch job on this rip-off/replacement type job. If these roofers can do this in Florida with the heat. they can do a roof replacement any where.

  10. Dude Florida has the best roofers in the United States this is real roofing & the hardest roofing. All you other roofers from Carolina and other stats don't compare to this type of roofing

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