Repairing an old roof 2

In part 2 the bottom joints of the rafters with the floor joists are made.
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  1. Very informative.  I bought an old house, in Hungary, and the roof is in need of repair, plus, some of the rafters are rotted and need fixed.  Been looking for a roofer in the area, and know there are some, but the language barrier is a problem, in the countryside and small villages.  I think it will be my Spring Project, to try it myself.  Will be checking out your other videos.  Thank you.

  2. 5:35 I'd watch an entire video on the process of making that joist repair. That is some serious craftsmanship right there, very impressive.

  3. Hallo Herr Burger, Great videos very informative, Love your work. I have two questions: What type of glue (Ponal – I have read) what type or number – I have find them like hunderds and my other question is What is you painting them what product what it does. Thanks in advance. (You are a base sorce in my work and renovation)

  4. Customised cutting are always taking ages to do. I just did a window scriber for an old house today and the wall is so much curvy and wavy so it took me almost 1.5 hour to do just a 300m little piece! Usually on a straight wall a standard full length window scriber won't take more than 20 minutes to do one side.

  5. Inspirational and entertaining in equal measure, as always – I so look forward to your new videos. My house is (only) 107 years old and I worry about tackling the big jobs that inevitably come with an ageing structure, but your videos show that there's nothing that can't be fixed if you're determined enough and have the right tools and knowledge – and above all, confidence. I'll say it again – truly inspiring work – more power to you.

  6. Very nice repairs. I like your level and miter finder, looks like a very nice tool. Thanks for sharing Matthias, how much more work do you need to do on the roof and attic?

  7. I love these restoration videos, you do such excellent work and with a great explanation of how and why as well. Thank you 🙂

  8. impressive and beautiful, and inspiring !
    Thanks for sharing this, mister meister maestro !
    Keep on trucking ! (from France)

  9. I'm absolutely loving your video's on the restoration of this beautiful building. There is something about large beam framework that makes me wish we had these old buildings here in New Zealand. Keep up the great work and look forward to seeing more.

  10. I am so proud of you and your effort to restore what most would destroy. You sir are an artisan, craftsman, and artful historian. I appreciate all you do.

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