pop up camper roof repair PT6

almost done ready to reinstall.
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  1. I removed my 1985 Starcraft Pop Up roof to repair the ceiling. Now the crank won't lift the roof. What do you think may have happened?

  2. I recently bought a Coleman pop up.  It was in better shape than the one you restored, but your videos have
    inspired me to restore it.  For beginners, how do I get the AC off top.  I took inside off and see some bolts, and I see screws on top, also.  Where should I start?  Thanks

  3. You mention that you found the seal/under gasket thing for the roof track? Could I ask where you found it? I have looked all week.
    Thanks so much for sharing your project – I have a 94 Flagstaff that we bought new- and it had the roof leak at the vent – and the sides were deteriorated.
    your video made it seem do-able. It was- we have the newly built box back together- just need to paint the ceiling & clean up all the trim/hardware tracks to re-install.

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