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http://www.DrewsRoofingAndHomeRepair.com I hope this helped you find our why your roof leakes. If you have a leaking roof and you need help we do free …
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  1. if its leaking from the valley then thats probably where its leaking from. The crooked valley part is letting water in. Makes no difference though i'm sure this roof was fixed along time ago lol

  2. a true roof repair company shouldnt be guess where it could be leaking from, my company does not do this and we find the exact spot of the problem and only fix the area of the problem, pls we provide a No Leak Warranty with all work we preformed, this is way over kill, and unnecessary for a small leak like this

  3. I own a roof repair company and what this guy says at the beginning is correct but he us just making this way more than needs to be done to fix the roof leak, so he can make a huge profit on a small repair and turning it into a large repair, which is unnecessary for a home owner to pay

  4. I have really appreciated experiencing your company's video recording on the subject of Roofs. I recently began in roof covering plus discovered all of your data to be exceedingly extremely helpful. I look forward to observing more of your movies. Can I ask how long you actually have been in this unique industry?

  5. wow? Roofs made from that material here in finland in early 1900s to like 1950, how bout metal roof like we all have now. It does not leak.

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