HUGE Problem for the Future of Real Estate Investing.

The real estate market is about to see a MASSIVE DIVERGENCE. If you watch anything on real estate, let it be this ONE video from 03:00-30:00 to see what’s …


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  1. I endorse Kevin. I have been a real estate investor for 13 years in the California Bay Area, and Austin Texas, and literally everything he says is valid, or at worst, his genuine truthful opinion.

  2. Nice 47-minute sales video for the $200 investing course. You learned a lot more from Peter Schiff than you let on, Kevin.

  3. Historically RE upturns AS WELL AS downturns last for about 7-9 years. I don't believe people are correct when they say that the downward leg won't "last long". Once the initial 15-20% drop eats all of people's equity away…many (who learned the game in 2008) will strategically default and opt to live rent-free for 2 years. And when their neighbors find out, they will strategically default as well. I do believe that this collapse won't be as fast or as deep as 2008…but I do believe that the downward trend will go on for at least 5 years…if for no other reason than IT ALWAYS HAS. Of course Trump could intervene and make it plateau (or bounce) for a bit…but I don't think the historical pattern will be any different this time.

  4. What is the biggest problem with developing especially in Colorado mountain towns, around Breckenridge? Appreciation 2017 around 20%. $300K can maybe get you single bedroom apartment. There is some nearby land where ski resort and local businesses employees are being pushed out to.

  5. So can you buy your first house with a first time home buyer loan then use your idea and wait a year to start renting it out how would it work when you try getting another loan, wouldn't it be much harder?

  6. I don't think i can get started now. I don't think i make enough. Need to boost my income. Or sense i have almost 0 expenses save enough for a larger down payment.

  7. Kevin Paffrath
    You are taking your viewers on a ride on the hedonic treadmill. A couple of months ago, you were extremely convincing that real estate was getting alarmingly soft and that investing was too risky. Now, you are equally convincing that if people don't start investing in RE right away, they will regret it years later. You can surely sell snow to the Eskimos. No pun intended.

  8. I sold a property at full asking with confidence because of what you proved was happening in the market this summer. I thought I was making out like a bandit selling at full asking (also at full appraisal). Now, you're telling me real estate is going to sky rocket. It cost me 25 grand to sell a cash positive property.

  9. This video is trying to drum up FOMO (fear of missing out) to put a floor under housing. The reality is when prices are up home builders build to the point of saturating the market and driving prices down. The only reason houses are at these prices are the Federal Reserve purchased 4.5 trillion in assets off the banks' balance sheets to get these bad assets off the balance sheets of the banks. Housing prices are a headwind for the overall economy. There is less money to go around the general economy when people are paying 50% of income on rents. Wages have not adjusted for inflation since about the 1960s and the gap is getting bigger, so this idea of huge wage increases is silly. Even if there are nominal wage increase, they won't buy anything due to high inflation, which the FED (a) created and (b) rightfully are now fighting. These hypothetical "haves" Kevin is talking about will be buying 700ft square houses in his scenario. Very misleading video. Trying to trigger fear and make people buy. The only time to buy any asset is when nobody wants it. We're getting closer with real estate, and it's making agents nervous.

    Ps. Verizon, Ford, and Chase just laid off 50,000 people combined. Headline Unemployment numbers are statistically inaccurate because the methodology is inaccurate. You know to use U-6 numbers for more accuracy, but even those are inaccurate.

  10. Please address Robert Kiyosaki's advisor Ken McElroy's strategy: buy "wedge" apartments with NO MONEY DOWN (raised investor capital), renovate then immediately RE-FI, pull out original down payment and PAY OFF INVESTORS = infinite ROI !

  11. But Kevin what kind of jobs? I know several people are working two jobs. I think there's over a trillion in college debt for a reason, countless defaults for college loans.

  12. We're seeing bids routinely 30k under asking/comps in Colorado. Anything priced near a comp isn't selling. Crash is going to happen after a weak Spring (because sellers still think things can only go up), so next Summer/Fall. Since real estate is slow moving a crash takes at least two years to hit bottom. It did start Nov of 2017 and this past summer being slow was another sign, so you're right to some degree. The people taking their homes off the market now to sell in Spring are actually facilitating the crash because if everyone has that same idea, then that is a ton of Spring inventory competing for buyers, which will drive down prices.

  13. You are truly full of crap. You contradict yourself every week. Two months ago it was crash and burn. Now we should invest in this overvalued market? Get your phony sh** together.

  14. Interest rates are not that high. Prices are and people can't make it work with taxes and the cost of living. There will be a crash and soon.
    I live in California and it has become a shithole. I will move as soon as I am able to. The real problem with Californians is that they tend to take their left wing politics with them and then fuck up wherever they move to.

  15. So the market is going to go up for ever? Pricing out normal buyers so let’s get in now before it’s too late? Sounds like every bubble ever…Kevin

  16. So you are going to buy property just to break even in the hopes some sucker will pay you more in the future? This guy full of it

  17. This guy is crazy. Real wages have not increased but the price of housing has went through the roof. Property taxes, Insurance, maintenance have all increased to owning a house and now you want to add interest rates on top of it our house price going to continue to go up? And if rates dont go up inflation will eat up any extra money people have

  18. The only reason R/E is bumping up now is solely due to rates shooting up. People think if they wait they won't be able to afford a mortgage. What they aren't discounting is the fact that housing prices will decline to compensate.. so, hate to crush your bubble, but the housing crash is dead ahead, along with the economy. This will lead to a 1929-Style Depression due to current global debt levels.

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