How to repair a leaky asphalt shingle roof

Here’s a video on how I did a quick repair job on our asphalt shingle roof. I used roofing mesh and plastic roofing cement. Disclaimer: All products used in this …
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  1. hi, i like your video. could you please tell what causes you to use the cloth rather than webbing? also, what is the brand name of the cloth tape> thank you very much!

  2. this is absolutely the best technique i've seen and is what i intuited was needed instead of that icky fllex seal pour-on method!!!!

  3. I have a leak seaping through my roof too. Its bad. it keeps dripping through the insulation and the insulation is bad now and we cant fix it there is a huge hole in our roof and all we can see is beams and we have been trying to find the leaking hole. we even poured rubber on the roof and its still dripping like hell

  4. Yeah ok..temporary but good enough way to stop leaks…, suggest however that a spatula be used to better and more effectively apply the roof cement.👍🤓

  5. some of these comments are obviously from people that can buy a new car every few years instead of making that old bucket last almost forever. some of us have to do what we can to stop a leak, its raining here for two days straight and yes i need a new roof, but other things more, i just got off the roof a little while ago and spent about an hour with a wide putty knife sliding it under the edge of the shingles that were stuck so water could drain better, i knew about where the leaks were because i simply went in the attic and looked, and yes i looked ahead of the leak, i keep a pail of the black goo he was using for emergencys because it lasts for ever in the pail, i use different products when i repair a leak anywhere, ive used silicone on small leaks and ive used the mobile home white paint or whatever its called also, it seemed to last a little longer. my roof leaks because of a "professional" that charged me a small fortune to put aluminum siding on my house years ago, it took several years before the damage was noticed, it was installed so the water couldn't drain, and the flashing where the two stories meet was done wrong, the result, every ceiling in my house was ruined from rain seeping back in the eaves over a long period, the flashing was wrong and caused the water to collect under the shingles on bottom story and ruined about 10ft out of shingles and decking, all the rafters in both stories were rotted, about 3 to 5 feet from edge back into attics, im slowly each year pulling the siding off a little at a time, im not in a position to pay someone thousands of dollars to fix this so i do the best i can with what i have, im glad for those that can afford the big companys, i can't.

  6. If your roof is leaking, then you should call a professional in your area or at least ask around-(word of mouth) A qualified roofing contractor is on roofs all week long and has multiple proper ways of correcting a roof problem. You cant compare a do it yourself or a homeowner with a person that works in the roofing industry everyday. There is no comparison. This video is made from a person trying to save money, and thats fine, but please don't accept these videos as the work of a pro. That's all.

  7. A scrub brush and a pair of scissors. 18 years selling roofing i never seen a scrub brush or scissors on a roof.
    and in the event water gets underneath the repair you've trap the water and it has nowhere to drain. Bad repair.

  8. Good way to save some money and it works. I have done it before. 50 bucks vs thousands is a no brainer. Especially when roofing materials are a fucking scam and are made to break down to keep wet backs in business. Only replace roof when it is totally fucked. If you have a leak or two just tar that bitch. It will last 5 or 6 years if done right.

  9. you all Mr know it alls are a joke this house was in a lower income neighbor hood and was just a quick fix so who gives a shit what it looked like most people who think there better then other people are just losers, a bragger is a loser also this video was just for a quick and easy fix you all that posted all your crab want to pay for the best of everything on my house I will hit you up when I need you if not keep your mouth shut

  10. I can appreciate what you have done,.. Im aware that not everyone is a pro, and then not everyone saying bad things are going to pay to give youa new Roof,… Thanks for the Video. I hope it stopps the LEaks.

  11. I will be doing this in about a month or two. This will fix a couple leaks until I can do a complete reroof in about one year. Thank you for posting.

  12. Looks like wheel bearing grease and an Ace Bandage. Bet the neighbors LOVE looking at this eye sore. Not to mention the added resale value LOL.

  13. Man if you are going to do this to repair your roof, you have a lot more issue going on. The mate of shingle has failed or the plywood under has shifted. Chuck in a truck is all I have to say!

  14. How do you repair flat roofs that have standing water on it therefore leaking!!!!   Is there a video that shows a way to deal with this problem in a simple and understanding way?  Most videos seen address the leak but not the ponding, that is just like putting make up over a scar and making it look good, but the problem is still there (the standing water).

  15. I just use that stuff 2 days ago and the cement is still Moshi we're supposed to get snow tomorrow will I be alright is it gonna wash away or leak. Hoping to hear back from you I'm so stressed out over this leak. Thank you.

  16. Many commenters are saying this was shingled incorrectly or had inadequate ventilation. That is incorrect. The sheathing needs to be properly fastened so that it wont move with the house. This movement causes the sheathing to shear against its adjacent panel, and over time crack the shingles on the plywood seams. The original tar repair "cracked back out" because the roof is still permitted to move. The shingles need to come off, and the sheathing, if it's not too water damaged by the time this roof actually gets repaired right, needs to be nailed completely to the rafters or trusses. That will cure the problem of the wood shearing, and then the roof will accept a roofing system. It doesn't matter if you put cheap shingles on for $75 per square, or if you put on Grand Manors at $245 per square. If the substrate under the roof isn't locked down tight, you are just wasting your money.

  17. to holly and chandler, get real. this was sufficient for that roof. did you see it's condition? prolly has a couple more years left. this kind of repair is perfect.

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