How to Fix a Roof Leak, Simple Roof Repair by Jon Peters

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  1. great tips, you can imagine the expenses that build up on an old neglected house in dire need of repair doing all the work for my father myself veryyyyy steep pitch can you say spider man?
    ( where do you begin patchin up ? ) i loved the mesh around the collar of the vent will save some money instead of purchasing new gaskets! ( at least for time being)

  2. Will that cement and mesh last all winter with the freezing and thawing that it will go through all winter? Great video and a great topic, thanks.

  3. Hey Jon just curious, can that stuff be applied in cold temps? I have a separation between my roof and chimney and was wondering what to use there.  

  4. I am building my house in Central Europe. We have hot dry summers and cold icy wet with a lot of snow winters. What kind of roofs would you recommend? A roof covered like yours would be a good fit? What would you do in my shoes?

  5. As a contractor, I cannot argue with any of these methods. However, when using this type of roofing cement, just know that you'll need to be back up there in a few years for a re-coat, as Jon said. Good video on DIY roof repairs!

  6. Gloves,gloves,gloves!
    you think oooo I have 1 small spot then you see another area and before you know it your covered in it and wearing it for a week or more !

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