Getting Started with Passive Real Estate Investing – Are you looking to build passive income through real estate? Then don’t miss a moment of this in-depth video where …
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  1. I came here all hyped and excited to learn about RE and finished the video depressed and disappointed because I am broke as a joke and can't start anything going.

  2. I am "that guy". The one in the wheelchair with little cash and mid-500's credit. However, I am undeterred in my efforts to purchase a 206unit duplex complex in a college town 3 miles from the school. Current NOI is 1million+. Asking price is 12 million. I just need an investor and a chance. Will pay back 12 million plus 25% ROI or offer 35% ownership of the operation. Rent is currently under market. All units rented with waiting list.

  3. Many thanks, I been tryin to find out about "residual passive income" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Qonmily Passive Formality – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate got great success with it.

  4. If you want invest on real estate market in East Europe Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, please write on , you will get for free report in pdf about economy of those countries and information what else I can propose. Kind regards Kamil Łysik

  5. How do you hold your properties? In an LLC? Are all the properties in one LLC or does each property have its own LLC, I know that sounds crazy but if you have 10 properties and 1 family sues you don't they stand to gain from the LLC at 10 properties vice 1?

  6. Sorry for being super young and inexperienced but how does the cash on cash return work? If you put in $35 into the property and you're making $4800 on it a year then what does the 13.71% mean? Are you only making money after you pay off the $35000? I'm trying to learn alot of this and I'm currently only a teenager. Much help would be appreciated

  7. Hello , I have been wondering for a while why you precisely invest in real estate rather than in the stock market, It's way easier, you save a lot of time and hassle and you don't compromise the yield.
    After all finding a good low-priced real estate could be replaced by finding a good low-priced share with less hassle and without the need to maintain it all the time, plus you get dividends which parallels to rent.
    I will be greatful for an answer.

  8. Brandon, good contents, but all this can be very short and to the points. From 60-mins video, 14 mins was about you. Then each point seem to get too much elaboration. Maybe get it to more cut-down version, please. Thanks.

  9. Sounds fantastic, but quick question just to clarify. If I'm poor as hell, and have a credit score messed up from student loans, would I be able to get money to buy a home from a mortgage loan?

  10. He pronounced roof weird … dislike … unsub….

    …. just kidding XD

    but prounce it how he is … but in your head … while you read this ……

    ROOF ROOF ….. you just barked in your head while reading that XD!

  11. 25 Minutes in – and still highly generic information. The target audience for this video are people who know absolutely nothing about real estate, and for that reason, I am out

  12. I didn't find it suitable for Indian market. The loan interest rates are at 11-12%. How will you survive that with rental returns @6-8%. It's just not viable.

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