Flat roof repair and construction – how to install and replace flat roof (Argyle Roofing)

This video illustrates the basic procedure for installing and replacing a flat roof. Since the video was made, there have been advances in industry working …
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  1. i think you need to get a better person to represent ypu`r company, the guy in the video comes across as though he doesn`t know what he`s on about! and amateur

  2. it always makes me cring when I see so called flat roofers who think they know what there doing.1 you haven't got a bead of bitchumen bleeding out of all your lap joints,2 you don't go up the flashing with your cap sheet you do separate flashing and 3 its not glue as my European friend says it should be  lead mate mastic and 4 I bet the job pissed in at the first sign of rain sorry but wrong wrong wrong

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