Easy Metal Roof Repair Using “Maximum Stretch” Spray On Coating by AmesResearch.com

Metal roofs can become rusted and unsightly over time. This video demonstrates the best way to make your roof look like new, but also lowers the interior …
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  1. Can't walk on mine. My patio however is braced, by a full wood frame around the perimeter/walls. No roof support, however. Can you still apply this, by spanning a 2×10 from house roof to patio edge, or a longer arm?

  2. honestly all you did was make it white for a brief time…and you can see the debree flying off while he is spraying…try a wand on the gun with a flex tip so ur feet aint white by the end of the day…and how do you get away with out using fabric?

  3. I have a mobile home on the property that is starting to leak. It looks like the previous owner used the aluminum roll-on sealant in the past. Will this product seal that leaks and adhere to the old sealant?

  4. Thanks for the vid! Would you describe or provide the compressor, hose, gun and other equipment used for that kind of job. Tks… What is the product code, just to be sure. Happy Holidays!

  5. Nice looking job. Good coverage. Safety is questionable (no dust mask, safety glasses and, walking the edge of the roof a bit death defying)

  6. mate i have to say that is the worst bit of spraying i have ever seen, you puddle your tip is totally stuffed and your going forward and back on the one spot … thats shocking … and your bent over … have you ever been trained ..
    plus your painting straight over rust…. that will continue to rust under your coating …
    seriously mate …. have someone show you how to do it properly ….
    you hold the gun on an angle so the fan will be thicker on one side and think on the other … geeze .

  7. The most important step when restoring a roof is the prep. I dont see any seam tape for fasteners and laps. There is a scene at 1:40 where a seam was missed!?! I have seen many coating specs out there and not one that doesnt have some type reinforcement steps. Does this product not need any?

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