Coleman Fleetwood Santa Fe 2001 Camper Roof Repair

This video explains the product and manner in which I fixed the damaged ABS on the roof of my camper to prevent leaks. The product used: Lanco Ultra …
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  1. I was hoping to watch the actual application because I have a coleman popup camper also with an A/C unit. It's a 1999 model. I bought it last year and haven't used it yet. I bought a cover but sitting over the winter caused a lot of the micro cracks to become larger and the large cracks to split open and lots of water was between the cover and the substrate. The vinyl coating has large bubbles of lifting off of the ABS substrate or what ever it is underneath. I may have to just coat the entire thing after getting the large cracks that have split open. My camper has two kingsized beds so it's a big one. Also, I didn't know that there is a filter in the A/C unit. Where is it and how do you change it? I would like to get it ready to use.

  2. I sold it a little over a year after fixing the roof. It was perfect when I sold it! I also kept the camper on my two car carport. I rolled the product onto the entire roof a month after purchasing it. These large cracks I caulked originally. The large cracks were up to 1/2 inch wide. The previous owner had caulked the also.

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