1. Thanks so much for sharing that! It’s just what I needed to see – next year
    I’m going to GROW FOR IT! Alan Titchmarsh is a love isn’t he!

  2. This is the most useful episode. thank you for loading and sharing. Almost
    all episode 7 are pulled out or muted, very inconsiderate selfish people
    who took it down for what claims…just selfish…they want to starve

  3. Crescătorie de râme hrănite şi înmulţite în mediul natural – Worms in their
    natural habitat 

  4. What I love about his shows is that he shows the progression of the garden.

  5. Alan – you are not a talker, you are a real gardener – someone who works
    with what you have. In addition, you show respect for mother nature, its
    abundance and beauty. My sincere congratulations….Carlos Herrera –

  6. Great video. I’ve subscribed to your channel and I look forward to
    following you on YouTube. Thanks for sharing.

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