10 Things to Know Before Getting Started – Real Estate Investing Made Simple with Grant Cardone

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  1. Grant cordone thanks for your videos, really following your ways . From Kenya
    Trying to get wealth though you know Africa is different than other continents.

  2. 01. You got to KNOW, that REAL ESTATE investing IS YOUR VEHICLE!
    02. Commit to LEARN everything about real estate
    03. SHOP FOR DEALS. Start asking around. (Know your minimum amount of units).
    04. CONTACT a broker / the owner
    05. Make your PITCH to buy the deal
    06. UNDERWRITE the deal
    07. LOI Letter Of Intent
    08. Look for and get FINANCING
    09. Arrange LEGAL
    10. CLOSE the deal!10X!!!

  3. @granrcardone The best line I've heard in all the podcasts "How many units ? 17 units. Mang hang up on that fool" hilarious you gotta read, study and pay attention. Love what your doing Grant the knowledge is awesome.

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  5. If you dont get a LLC how do you prevent a liability lawsuit that makes you homeless for life? All your tenant has to do is spill hot coffee on themselves and if it's on your property you get sued for $10M and lose.

  6. Great video…me and my partner are starting to invest in homes. We are searching for the right house. We will vlog the entire process. Follow up on my channel

  7. Thanks Grant for taking the time and sharing your knowledge. it would be great to get more content for newbies. I find really difficult to start.

  8. I have a condo rental with 12 years left until it's paid off but the market here in Orange County is amazing for selling and I am so tempted to sell. looking for advice. If I sell it I can walk out with $150k or I can keep renting it out with $300 passive income each month and then in 12 years get $1,800 a month from the rent. If I ride it out 12 years I can get $150k in 6 years or I can walk out right now with those $150k and invest it in something else…… gaaaaah help! advice is appreciated

  9. Uncle O.G.C.! I got to hand it to you man. I was super proud when I heard your call with Suzie. Recently I heard that a mark of a good leader is "how you treat the dispensable in your organization." Growing up, being taught scripture, it was Matthew 25:45 where Jesus was talking about "the least of these". I'm sure Suzie is a wonderful lady and highly knowledgeable in her field, but she was not prepared for the call. You handled the call with grace and imparted some hard truth in a compassionate way. You go get some bro! I wish you guys the best and hope to invest with you one day soon.

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